Love isn’t love if you didn’t hurt someone

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Why would you want to stop healing friends?

I guess I don’t…I just feel that I put a lot…I mean, A LOT of energy into helping the ones I love. Spending long nights listening to them spill out their guts about people who broke their heart or wronged them, gave up all the advice and comfort I could possibly manufacture, wasting gas and missing out on sleep driving to them and taking them out. Contrary to popular belief, I care so much about people and sometimes I give up so much of myself only for them to take and forget it all so easily and walk away and in the end I put so much of myself into that person/people that it’s like I have nothing left. I just need to realize that most friendship is fragile and temporary.

Just a friendly psa that if someone dedicates time, love, and energy into helping you through all the bad shit nobody else really could, you shouldn’t bail on them because who else is willing to see you that fucked up and still say that they love you and want all of it, even if it’s bad?